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virtual rehabilitation

Quality care from the comfort of your home


schedule flexibility

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holistic care

Each session is different: no standardized plans, but quality care specific to your needs


learn how to heal

Be active in your own recovery - learn what contributes to your injury and how to treat it to get back to 100%

About me

erin Suellentrop pt, dpt

My journey into Physical Therapy began as a collegiate soccer player, where I learned the importance of rehab and injury prevention. Delving deeper into the field, I became passionate about how it blends healthcare, creativity and exercise.Connecting with patients on a personal level is at the core of my practice. By forming meaningful relationships, I can personalize a rehab plan and help you to heal and live an active life.All too often, limited time and resources prevent people from getting the care they need. My goal is to make PT easily accessible through telehealth.Beyond my work, I love spending time with my husband Bryant and our two young children. As a family, we enjoy the NC outdoors through hiking trails, parks, and soaking up the sunshine. And of course, no day is complete without a good cup of coffee!

Virtual Physical therapy for

Chronic Pain

get your life back

Break free from recurrent pain and injury

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

musculoskeletal injury

Restore function and heal after injury to muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, or bones

Sports Rehabilitation

return to athletics

Optimize performance for a painless return to sport

Balance Rehabilitation

Brain and nervous system

Improve coordination, treat headaches/dizziness from concussions, vestibular and neurological conditions

Prevention & Wellness

prioritize your health

Preventative care to maintain function and reduce risk of injury

Women's Health

Pelvic Floor physical therapy

Relief from pelvic or abdominal pain, incontinence, prep for labor/delivery and postpartum recovery

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